Recycling helps Industry

Recycling helps Industry run faster

The process of recycling concrete is a relatively simple business; just the breaking, removal, and crushing of concrete and other waste materials, into one usable material of a specified size and quality.

Materials utilized in the construction industry are being increasingly determined by their ecological content and impact on the environment. Accordingly, concrete recycling Sacramento gains positive recognition due to its protection of our natural resources. It also helps the environment by producing readily available concrete as an aggregate source for new concrete or other applications, onsite! There are a significant number of States in the USA using Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) who are satisfied that its performance is equal to that of concrete with a natural aggregate content. In many original project specifications, RCA is one of the subject material conditions.

Demolition sites can be an issue regarding the removal of waste materials, such as concrete, wood, and other debris. However, because of the onsite facilities provided by concrete recycling Sacramento many of the inherent challenges have been removed. Instead of the costs incurred by transporting the debris to landfills usually a significant distanced away, the breaking, removal and crushing process is conducted onsite. This offers a fast material turnaround, cost-effectiveness and crucially, environmental protection.

This is a highly professional operation, with the realization that the quality of the new concrete is determined by the RCA content. Steel reinforcing and various embedded entities are removed, with extreme care taken regarding contamination by other influencing materials. Concrete recycling Sacramento removes various contaminants by selective demolition, a sophisticated screening procedure and/or separation by air process. The procedure is time and cost saving, with sized crushing enabling the crushed concrete to be utilized for a variety of purposes.

It’s a procedure designed to provide an efficient and quality product, onsite and one that keeps the wheels of industry turning, faster!

Recycling helps Industry